Sky Castle

Is a very good option for hunting after lvl 70 if you can find some basic gear. There are five areas in this zone that you can choose to hunt as you gear up and progress in lvling. I Suggest that you stay in north area if you are a beginner. hunting this zone will give you mats to craft zajako epic (S80) set and legendary zajako set (X). Note that you are only allow one hour daily, you can buy zone time booster to extend your time. You can access this zone by buying a "scroll of teleportation - sky castle" from Mellin in -warp2

Pros: Good EXP/SXP, you can change from five sections of the map to find harder mobs with better ods for drops.

Cons: Cost 1.2m for teleportation scrolls every times to go there unless u get them as a dropp.